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Sports Team Trip Coming Up? 3 Reasons To Hire A Charter Bus

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If your sports team has a big game coming up—such as a baseball game, basketball game, or tennis match—you want to ensure that they arrive in comfort and style but also reliably. Rather than them arriving in separate vehicles with their parents or on a school bus that is uncomfortable, consider renting a charter bus from a local company such as Coach Bus Charter Toronto. Here are three reasons to consider this option for the upcoming big game. Read More»

Two Accessories To Add To Your Heavy Duty Sleeper Cab Truck

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If you have recently purchased a heavy or semi truck with a sleeper cab so you can haul large loads of goods across the country or the continent as a whole, then you probably want the sleeper space to provide you with some of the comforts of home. This is especially true if you will be away from your house for weeks or even months at a time. If you want to transform your semi truck and sleeper cab into a more livable space, then consider the two following accessories to add to the cab. Read More»

How To Remove Skunk And Vomit Odors From Your Taxi

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If you own a taxi or if work for a cab service, then you probably utilize a variety or tricks and tactics to pick up as many fares as possible during the day. Good service, fast transportation, and a positive attitude can help to bring you tips and even recurring business. If your cab releases a foul odor though, then you may drive away customers who are looking for a pleasant ride through the city. Read More»

How To Throw An Exciting Bachelorette Party For Your Best Friend

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If your best friend is getting ready to tie the knot in the next few weeks, she may already have most of the necessities figured out on her own, which includes obtaining the marriage license to wed. While she focuses on the final intricate details of her wedding, you can start the planning process for her bachelorette party. Because it will be her last time spending the night out with the friends as a single woman, you may want to make sure she has a memorable time. Read More»

How To Fly Like A "Baller" (Without Overspending A Dollar)

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Planning an unforgettable bachelor party seems to go hand-in-hand with spending a fortune, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Book a private jet to transport the groom-to-be and the rest of his male wedding party to cool destinations like Toronto, Niagara Falls, or Las Vegas for an incredible night out (or weekend getaway). Here’s the lowdown on booking affordable charter flights from your local airport. Figure Out The Headcount Read More»