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How To Throw An Exciting Bachelorette Party For Your Best Friend

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If your best friend is getting ready to tie the knot in the next few weeks, she may already have most of the necessities figured out on her own, which includes obtaining the marriage license to wed. While she focuses on the final intricate details of her wedding, you can start the planning process for her bachelorette party. Because it will be her last time spending the night out with the friends as a single woman, you may want to make sure she has a memorable time. Using the ideas below can help you prepare a fun and fabulous bachelorette party.

Booking a Hotel: Gathering the Party for a Day and Night of Fun

If you're planning a day and night full of fun, you may want to book a hotel room for all of the guests, turning it into an adult sleepover for everyone involved. When booking hotels in the area, consider the services available that could make things even more fun, such as:

  • Spa Services
  • Room Service
  • Indoor Bar

Heading to the spa would be the perfect way to start the day, allowing guests of the party to get pampered before the nighttime activities even begin. Some hotels offer massages, facials, and pedicures, but you'll want to check out a list of what is provided before you start making your decision. You may also want the hotel to offer room service and an indoor bar for easy access to alcoholic beverages.

Planning the Fun: Good Ideas for the Bachelorette Party

After enjoying a few hours of pampering, it might be the right time for the nighttime excitement to begin. These are some games you can have prepared for the night:

Out on the Town: Dare or Double Dare

Instead of truth or dare, you can up the stakes by having the entire bachelorette party play the game of dare or double dare while out at any restaurant, bar, or nightclub you all decide to go to. You can create dare cards ahead of time using colorful 4 x 5 cards. These are some of the dares you may want to have written down on the cards:

  • Start belly dancing in front of a crowd of people.
  • Sing your favorite song in front of everyone at the bar.
  • Ask a random person to give you a hug.
  • Reenact a random scene from your favorite movie on the street.
  • Draw a mustache on your face and walk around with it for an hour.
  • Ask five people at the bar for a high-five.

You can add anything silly or outrageous that you think people at the bachelorette party would actually be willing to do because you'll want them to participate and have fun with it.

Dress-Up Photo Shoot

You may want to book the photo shoot with a professional photographer a few weeks in advance to ensure that you'll have a spot for the bachelorette party. Everyone can head to the photography studio or the photographer can come to the hotel room to take the pictures. Instead of basic group pictures, the photographer can bring along different props and costumes for everyone to start dressing up in. Capturing these silly moments will remind everyone who attended the party about all the fun they had.

Staying at a hotel with spa services and planning out other fun activities, such as playing dare out in public and having a photo shoot with the entire bachelorette party involved, is something you can do to make sure your best friend has a wonderful time before she gets married. Along with these ideas, you can add any other fun games and activities to the itinerary and have a blast creating pre-wedding memories.