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Boost Your Enjoyment Of A Wine Tour By Finding One That Offers These Things

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If you and a group of friends enjoy sipping wine, a nice way to spend a portion of your day is to visit one or more vineyards for a wine tour. Whether these vineyards are located in your area or you wish to make a day or weekend trip out of this idea, you'll have a memorable experience and enjoy the chance to try some new types of wine. While it's possible to book wine tours that are simple — in other words, they just give you a chance to try several types of wine — there are also wine tours that provide other elements. To maximize the enjoyment of the tour, look for one that includes these things.

A Meal

Many wine tours also include a meal, which can be ideal for multiple reasons. For starters, these meals are generally upscale, which is ideal if you have one or more foodies in your group. Additionally, given that you'll be consuming the equivalent of a few glasses of wine throughout the day, having something solid in your stomach can help prevent you from feeling a little tipsy. Depending on the tour you book, you'll often have the choice of selecting lunch, dinner, or perhaps even a brunch to get the tour started off on the right foot.

A Cycling Tour

Large vineyards or collections of vineyards located next to each other can offer wine tour participants a fun way to get around—by bicycle. Generally, you won't have to worry about transporting your own bike for the tour. Instead, one of the vineyards will have multiple bikes that your group can use as part of the tour. The idea of slowly pedaling along dirt roads or paths with grape vines growing beside you can be highly appealing as well as help to work up an appetite for some wine and finger foods.

Private Bookings

When you're booking a wine tour with a group of people you know, you probably don't want to be matched up with other individuals once you get to the vineyard. It's often fun to solely be around those you know, so make sure that the vineyard or organization that is handling the wine tour can accommodate you in this manner. While this might mean that you need to pay a little more to reserve your own tour guide and keep your group private, doing so can be highly worth it.

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