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Three Extras That Will Earn The Luxury Name In Your Tourism Company

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Running a tourism company is all about standing out. People will want a reason to book with you company versus making their own accommodation and exploration arrangements. If you want your company to stand out for those who are looking for an all-inclusive tour company, you can brand your company as a luxury tour company. Here are some ways to earn the name luxury in your tourism company to attract customers looking for a little extra.

Book upgraded vehicles only

If you are marketing your company as a luxury company, one of the most important upgrades to make is the transportation. If you are transporting smaller groups to and from the airport or accommodations, you should hire limousines. If the groups are larger, there are companies that make luxury coaches for transporting groups off a dozen people or more. Upgrading the way that groups get around town is definitely a noteworthy luxury feel. All of the vehicles should be fitted with a speaker system, video screens, and proper heating and air conditioning. It is also a good idea to have a bus with a restroom onboard for the comfort of all of your guests. 

Get everyone a suite

Even if the hotels that you book are only three stars, if you can book all of the people on your tour inside of a suite, this would be best. Suites offer a large and spacious feel and for long trips can make people a little more comfortable. Make arrangements with hotels that own a number of suites to set up your clients. To decrease your business costs, you can request that the suites have standard amenities and decor, then add your own personal touches later on. Consider adding fruit baskets, flowers, and other items that would enhance the aura of the room. 

Book four-course meals

The best accommodations are those that include meals. If you are a marketing as a luxury tour company, you should book meals for your guests to enjoy, at least once per day. Your all inclusive lunch and dinner meals should be at least four courses. A luxury meal will include several specialty foods from the area, plus something sweet that all of your guests will enjoy. If you offer breakfast for the patrons of your business, this should be a buffet meal with many different options. If you sponsor large tour groups book out the restaurant for a block of time so that your travel group can have an intimate experience.