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5 Ways Apps Can Help With Your Motel Stays

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It's pretty common to use apps to help book motel rooms, but once you get there, the app use doesn't need to stop. A variety of app downloads can help make your motel stay easier. Whether you need a meal or supplies to make your stay more comfortable, the following five app downloads can be fully used for motels in Calgary.

These apps are not associated directly with any motel chains, but they can help enhance your experience.

Apps Featuring Free Sample Deals

Purchasing and packing small toiletries can add up during your motel stay. Instead of purchasing everything ahead of time, you can download apps that will assist you with free samples. A variety of free sample apps feature offers for small items that are ideal for a motel stay.

  • Deodorants: New deodorant samples are very common to find. This is available for both men and women.
  • Toothpaste: It's pretty easy to get free samples of toothpaste, toothbrushes, or dental floss. Fresh dental accessories will make it easy to keep your mouth clean while on vacation.
  • Reading Materials: Request free samples of magazines, books, or guides to read during your motel stay.
  • Cleaning Accessories: Wipes, air fresheners, and other small cleaning products are ideal for small cleaning projects during a motel stay.

By requesting these free samples, you have the ability to save them until your next motel trip. Keeping them in a small travel bag will help reduce your packing time too.

Pet Traveling Apps

Some motels in various areas do not allow pets, but that doesn't mean they have to stay home for the trip. A variety of pet traveling apps can help you find boarding and doggy daycare locations near the motel you're staying at. Find the best location for the pet you have, including places that cater to a variety of sizes and species. Motels are often strict on pet policies, so these apps can help you bring a pet along for the trip without breaking room policies.

Along with finding the boarding locations, you can compare prices to get the best deal possible. The reviews of the pet locations can help you get a better perspective of what to expect at a boarding location.

GPS Food Apps

Finding good food is essential for a motel stay. It's also important to stay as close to the motel as possible so you're not doing a lot of extra travel. A motel will typically offer the yellow pages, but it's hard to determine the exact location of these restaurants.

With GPS food apps, you can find the closest restaurants and grocery stores directly from your motel room. Not only can you find ideal food locations, but you have the ability to find places that can deliver your meals. One touch options can place you directly in contact with the food establishment.

WiFi Locator

Finding an internet connection can be hard at many motels. Whether you don't want to pay the fees or are looking for a better connection, WiFi locator apps help you find the nearest hotspots. A variety of websites already help with this, but apps can offer instant access through cell phone service.

Whether it's a motel lobby or a nearby cafe, you can easily find an internet connection within a few miles of your room. A WiFi location app can show the strength of the connection, the speed of the connection, and how secure the connection is for your devices.

Night Light Apps

Navigating through a dark motel room can be very disorienting. Instead of putting on a full blast flashlight, you can download a night light app instead. These apps feature a soft glowing light that allows you to see without waking up roommates or draining your battery with full light power.

When your phone is plugged into a wall, you can leave the night light app running through the night so you can easily see the room. Many of the apps allow you to adjust the brightness to our ideal setting. A timer can also be set to automatically shut the night light off during the early morning hours.

Download these apps well ahead of time so that you are fully prepared for your trip and motel stay. They are ideal for both smartphones and tablets.